Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wet N Wild Teal Of Fortune

 Teal of Fortune is a blue/green with green and gold shimmer in it, making it look somewhat foil like. It is very pretty, reminds me of water on a sunny day. I had a few issues with this one though, first it took three coats. In the picture you can see my nail line but in real life it wasn't too bad but could have used a fourth. Second, the brush was really uneven and hard for me to work with, not sure if that was just my bottle or not. Last, it stains, ugghhh, why? These are the ones that no matter how pretty they are I don't want to wear again. 

 Are you bothered by polishes that stain? 


  1. This looks really nice on you. Too bad about the brush and the staining. I've picked up this polish so many times and put it back down. It's so pretty in the bottle! Not sure that I'll get it now.

  2. I don't like stained nails because I like to use clear polish or have a french mani a lot. So to prevent staining on polishes I think might stain I'll put a white or a gray coat on underneath and then not use a top coat that melts the layers together. If the polish stains badly I usually throw it away because it's mean to give it to someone else. :)

  3. I liked ToF for the glass flecks along with the shimmer but yeah, it was surprisingly watery and stained... it's too bad :\

  4. Although knowing a certain polish stains makes me less inclined to wear it, if I reeeally love the color it doesn't change my mind. Nothing a little toothpaste and lemon juice can't get off. :P This color looks really good on you!

  5. Hah! I just bought this color today. It looks great on you. I'm bummed about the staining. Boo.


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