Friday, December 2, 2011

Revlon Mistletoe

 I was surprised to find this here at the base store, we usually don't get new limited edition polishes. Even better it was on clearance for $1.87, I am guessing I missed the display because I never saw any others from this release, every one else here must have snatched them up. Just like the glow pumpkin polishes I mentioned last week on Facebook and Twitter, I was there when the girl set the entire display out and the next day only three were left. You gotta be fast around here!  
 I am so glad they had this one left though. Mistletoe is a gorgeous dark green with what looks like a blue tint and gold shimmer. I really do love it, It did seem a little runny but it wasn't too difficult to work with, covered in two coats and dried in decent time. 

 Do you get limited edition polishes where you are, do they disappear fast? 


  1. Extremely fast! They usually don't restock, so you have to be fast...

  2. We get limited edition polishes in Phoenix but we get them late. And after a while they are taken out of the display holder and put in with the regular polishes and are sold at the regular price - no discounts.

  3. Where I am, the nail polish goes like free funnel cakes at a county fair! I managed to snag Mistletoe, too. (I paid full price tho.) It's shimmer is very similar to L'Oreal Owl's Night but I like Mistletoe much better because of that deep green base. I feel like I should be stalking my B/X daily to get the interesting polishes...

  4. I just got this after seeing your post the other day. It was the last one. Revlon is putting out some really interesting colors lately.


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