Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pa Rock Top Yellow

 You guys probably know by now that I am not a huge fan of the shatter, crackle or whatever you want to call them polishes but when I was out a few weeks ago picking up some things for a swap I saw they finally had these in. I only picked up the yellow because it looked really interesting to me, I wanted the pink but it was already sold out and I doubt they will be getting more in. 
 The yellow did break apart really well for me and didn't dry too fast so I had plenty of time to work with it. I tried this over Reflecting Pool, you can tell by my cuticles that I had it on a few days before I tried the Rock Top and wore it like this for a few more days. I can honestly say I liked this one. 


  1. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one! I've yet to see a true yellow crack polish. I like the way this combo looks--very unexpected!

  2. this yellow crackle looks so pretty :)


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