Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sally Hansen Laser (Picture Heavy)

 While we were Black Friday shopping the other weekend I picked up Sally Hansen HD in Laser because I pretty much got it and two other polishes for free with a coupon we had. Actually, the polish made what we were buying in the first place cheaper, plus the free polish! 
 Laser is a gorgeous blue glass flake with purple duochrome, very hard to get in pictures. It was sheer on the first and second coat but at the third it was perfect. I am really glad my husband told me to just get it, gotta love enablers! I will just let you enjoy tons of pictures since I couldn't narrow them down any further. 

 What is you favorite polish finish?


  1. I love this one! :) I think I may have to pull it out to wear it again here soon. :)

  2. My fave finish would have to be duochromes, which is what many of the SH HD polishes tend to be!
    Ahh I love DVD the best...looks amazing over black and under crackle it's even BETTER.

  3. This is such a gorgeous blue!!


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