Monday, December 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Green Tea

 We have been getting a few recent drugstore collections here lately and when I saw the Sally Hansen's new Complete Salon polishes for fall I had to get Green Tea. Luckily for me, I was one of the first to see this display set out here and had my pick over it. It seems like the store here has been stocking more recent polishes and I hope they continue to do so but you have to be fast to have any kind of selection. Two bottles of one color for probably several hundred people that want it just doesn't seem imaginable to me. It really is frustrating but now I am getting sidetracked, this post isn't about our crappy store so I will move along. 
 Green Tea is a very pale mint green, I am such a sucker for these polishes! I used two coats, I didn't have any problems with it being streaky, it was a touch thick but nothing that I couldn't easily work with. Don't mind my pinky, I didn't push the brush far enough over on that side and I was next to my small heater so it dried before I could go over and I just left it as that.

 Do you like light or dark polishes better? I think I prefer lighter polishes because I usually wear dark clothes. 


  1. oh yeah, it's such a pretty color!

  2. What a pretty color! I found this display at my store, too, and it was nearly as full. I managed to pick up four colors, including this one! Now I'm super-excited to try it!

    I personally prefer dark polishes but I find myself buying a lot of lighter ones, especially pale greens, aquas, and turquoises.

  3. I like both light and dark polishes, depends on what I am going for.

    I love this color! I don't have anything even close to a light, mint green color. I'm thinking I need to get one.

  4. If I had to pick just light or dark polishes, I'd go with dark--some light ones blend unfortunately into my skintone.

  5. I like to alternate between light and dark/bright polishes. In the summertime when the sun is blasting away, I like the pastel and white polishes a lot. This color looks great, I may have to go get it. I like the SH CSM polishes.

  6. Oh no! Not another light green to lem. It looks great on you, but light greens always make me look even more like a lobster than usual. I think I just prefer not looking like a lobster.

  7. Very pretty color! I haven't seen this one anywhere yet.

  8. This reminds me more of a porcelain cup rathen than green tea but it's still awesome. I like all polishes, light or dark! But mostly, I prefer screaming brights and glitter...hehe

  9. this one is fab! difficult to really go wrong when your nails are so gorgeous!!
    hard to find a green like this that comes out so pretty. usually the ones i find come out way too green bleh! definitely gotta look for this one! lol! about your crappy store ;)


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