Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wet N Wild Grey's Anatomy

 Duochromes are so hard to capture on camera. Grey's Anatomy is a silvery purple with gold, green and blue duochrome. I couldn't get the green and blue to show up much in the pictures but is a beautiful polish. 
 I was surprised by this one, from the bottle I thought it was going to be more silver or but on my nails it's more purple. It was sheer and I used four coats but it didn't take long to dry. 

 If you use a polish and it takes more than a certain amount of coats do you wear them again? I usually get frustrated if a polish requires more than two coats but ones like Grey's Anatomy I will definitely wear again. 


  1. This color looks very nice on you Tera.

  2. I agree! Gray's Anatomy is a keeper!! I wore this just last week. I love it!

  3. For me, the number of coats usually depends on formula. If the formula is thick or chunky/ridgy/streaky and stays that way by coat 3, I will never use it again. Some of my Nubar duochromes require upwards of five coats for opacity; this isn't a hassle, since Nubar polishes usually dry quickly when using thin coats. ^_^

    I own Grey's Anatomy and I have never worn it! I did a dupe comparison with it but that was all... @.@ I'll have to try it out sometime!

  4. I like it
    Is it named after the show??

  5. I'd probably try layering it over black. I'm fine with applying three coats, but more than that feels like too much to me.

  6. I have this and I was gonna suggest laying it over something to bring out the color a bit more. I'll play with it.

  7. I usually tend to wear 3 coats of polish, unless it's very thick...I get mad with 4 coats and over though

  8. Grey's anatomy stands out better if you wear a black polish underneath.


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