Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days Of Christmas Nail Challenge: Day 1 Red Nails

 So, just like with our 10 Day Challenge Marta, Marketta and Carolina and I did together we are doing a 12 Days Of Christmas Nail Challenge. Here is our list, the My Choice days are where we pick anything we like, I think I am going to keep those days a surprise for you guys.

Day 1. Red Nails
Day 2. Silver Nails
Day 3. Green Nails
Day 4. Candy Cane Nails
Day 5. Wrapping Paper Nails
Day 6. Favorite Christmas Book
Day 7. Favorite Christmas Movie
Day 8. Glitter Nails
Day 9. My Choice
Day 10. My Choice
Day 11. My Choice
Day 12. Christmas Tree Nails

 For red nails I picked China Glaze Phat Santa from last years holiday collection. It is a nice red jelly, I did three coats.

 I had to do some quick nail art on it and couldn't get red and snowflakes out of my head for some reason. You guys know I don't wear red nails much but I really like these with the snow on them.

 Be sure to check out what Marta, Marketta and Carolina did for red nails!
 My giveaway also ended yesterday and I will be sorting through the entries and drawing the winners in a few days, thanks to everyone who entered! 


  1. This is adorable Tera, the snowflakes are perfect!

  2. Did you freehand the stars!!!!?
    I tell you, I'm in AWE of your skill!
    While i tend to wear my reads plane, this looks really really great! I love this combo!

  3. Oh, that's a really nice color. Very rich red. I like it!

  4. A beautiful Christmas manicure! I absolutely adore it ^__^ Simple and festive

  5. Thanks so much girls!

    Marta, yes, thanks, it is all freehand! I have a very tiny brush!

  6. LOVE the snowflakes! They look wonderful.

  7. Such pretty snowflakes! Your freehand is amazing :)

  8. where do you get your polish?

  9. Where do you get the brush?


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