Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OPI I Lily Love You vs Island Girl Mahalo Dream

 These two looked so similar in the bottles that I had to compare them and they are close but not closes enough to be dupes. I Lily Love You is more sheer but is packed with glitter and flakie pieces while Mahaolo Dream has a darker more opaque base but less glitter and flakies. 
 Here is two coats of I Lilly Love You alone, all of the pictures are with no topcoat.  

 This is two coats of Mahalo Dream alone. 

 Here they are, two coats each, next to each other. Mahalo Dream is on my index and ring finger and I Lilly Love You is on my middle and pinky finger. You can clearly see the difference. 

 I also tried layering them over white and black. This is one coat each, ILLY on my index and middle and MD on my ring and pinky. 

 Finally, two coats each layered over white and black. 

 I Lily Love You layered over black reminds me so much of the pictures of outer space. 

 If I had to pick one I would probably go with I Lily Love You just because it is so packed with stuff and I can easily layer it over white or pink to get the pink color or layer it over another color for a nice effect but Mahalo Dream is still beautiful. 


  1. Gorgeous combo
    I have opi I lily love you, but I applied only over white base and i must try over black

  2. Oh! thank you! You have given me a great idea for my nails! Keep it up with your blog! I love it! THANK YOU!

  3. I had no idea they were so similar! ILLY is such a unique polish though..strange glitters and flakies. I REALLY love the way the first photo looks btw...it's just...so beautiful and reminds me of blush

  4. Great comparison! I prefer I Lily Love you because of it having more glitter. I actually just got myself a bottle the other day and have yet to wear it, but I'm excited to!


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