Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thank You (Updated) CLOSED

(Thanks to everyone who entered!)

 To say thanks to all of my wonderful followers and to celebrate the holidays coming up I am so excited to share a giveaway with all of you! I am even more excited to say there will be five winners! All of the prizes were purchased by me to share with you. That being said, some of these are HTFand the OPI's were purchased at a beauty supply in Guam, as far as I know they look to be 100% authentic.
 So first off, the rules:
 -This giveaway is open internationally.
 -You must be over 18 or have your parents permission.
 -You must be a public GFC follower, new followers are always welcome.
 -Entry is once per person, if you enter more than once you will be disqualified. If you are not sure if you have entered shoot me an email and I will be happy to check for you.
 -You get two entries just for being a follower and leaving your email address on the form.
 -You may have up to twelve entries total by completing the additional steps on the form.
 -Current followers who regularly comment will also be getting an addition entry, I know who you are, simply because that is one of the biggest reasons I stick around.
 -There will be five winners draw from the entries, one person receiving Mad As A Hatter, one receiving Absolutely Alice, one receiving Reflecting Pool, one receiving Merry Midnight and one receiving Island Girl's Mahalo Dream, the two mini Glow Ink In The Dark and one mini Holo top coat franken.
 -This giveaway ends on December, 11Th at 12:01 AM. Sorry, I noticed on my picture it says the 13Th so to be fair I will extend this giveaway to the 13Th at 12:01 AM

 If you have any questions feel free to email me. Thanks and good luck guys!

 (Update) Please make sure you follow all the directions for the additional entries, don't forget to leave you name and links! If I can't find it to verify, your entry will not be counted. Also, please leave you preference in order from first to last of the prizes so that if you are a winner but your name is not drawn first you will get your first pick of polishes that are remaining. If you have already entered and did not do these steps email me and I will be sure to change it on the form, thanks!


  1. Thanks for this lovely giveaway <3. I love your blog so just keep doing what you are doing and I'll be happy ;).

  2. This is so awesome! love your blog!

  3. Fantastic giveaway! Good luck to everyone :)

  4. Cool ... ! Keep up the good work

  5. Nice blog, I'm your new follower and Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. love the blog! Thanks for the give away!

  7. Great Giveaway! (: Thank you for holding it.

  8. Thanks for this giveaway! Good luck!!! :D

  9. Hi!! entered!

    I fail in the last question, the correct answer is: OPI Absolutely Alice,OPI Merry Midnight, OPI Reflecting Pool and OPI Mad As A Hatter.

    I have the public profile. but these days blogger is giving me problems and change it to private, please do not disqualify me, I can send a screenshot or something.


  10. I love your blog! Your zebra prints make me so jealous they always come out lovely! For the last question I'd like:his in the comments also but Mad as a Hatter, then the Mahalo Girl, then the Merry Midnight, then the Absolutely Alice and last the Reflecting Pool!

  11. this is a crazy giveaway! thank you <3

  12. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  13. what a lovely giveaway! thank you!


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