Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OPI Shim-Merry Chic

  I passed on this one last year and I am glad I did. The first time I saw Shim-Merry Chic it didn't seem special, that was before I started blogging and realized I kind of like brown polishes now, really any color polish now. One perk of passing on it the first time was when I found it in Guam it was on sale so that was a plus and I think I appreciate it for what it is now more than I would have a year or two ago. 
 Shim-Merry Chic, from the 2009 Holiday Wishes collection, is a golden bronze of a brown shade but what makes is so special is the flakies and just the touch of green and blue/purple glitter it has. It isn't too sheer, I used two coats for the pictures below but it could have used a third.

 What do you think of polishes with flakies? Do you have any polishes that you appreciate more now than you did when you first saw them?


  1. I love this polish. It's among the first OPI I ever bought

  2. I was excited when I found this at a nail supply store, I really love it!

  3. Actually, yes. It usually is a color I bought ages ago, forgot about it, and rediscovered it. There are a few I really love lately that weren't too special back then. Drugstore polishes... but well.

  4. I love flakies :-D, I actually am wearing Orly Fowl Play right now! This is a really pretty color.

  5. I am all for flakies! When I'm not wearing glitter, that is. :)

  6. I like flakies, but many polishes "eat" flakies, so they dont show up as well. I tend to like my flakies layered on top for maximum effect!

  7. Une Ruxi a Paris, really? The first OPI I bought was Let Them Eat Rice Cake here in Japan and then Absolutely Alice.

    Angie, isn't is beautiful, the pictures just don't do it justice.

    Kayono, yeah, there are quite a few that I wish I hadn't gotten rid of years ago.

    Megan, Fowl Play is so gorgeous. I have Merry Midnight and I love it!

    KarenD, you know I am not so big on flakies but I love this one!

    Exah, I hate when they stick up, although this one didn't have that issue, maybe that is one reason I like it so much.


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