Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mad As A Hatter Franken

 A while back I tried frankening MAAH and I think it turned out pretty good. 
 In the bottle these are slightly different but on the nail I cannot see it at all. The biggest difference between the original and my franken would have to be that in MAAH all the tiny square glitter is silver where as in my franken it is multicolored. But as I said on the nail you can't really tell unless you have right in front of your face and even then it is hard.
 I thought a lot about if I should post what I used because of stories of people scamming others on Ebay but I figure if someone was going to do it they probably already figured this out by now anyways. So, if you do buy polishes on Ebay just make sure you know what you are getting is real and not a fake. 
 For the ones like me that can't justify fifty and upwards for a bottle of polish, I used the Burlesque glitter to make my franken. If you have them and didn't have a chance to get Mas As A Hatter, it is a decent substitute. I wont post exactly which ones and how much I used of them on here but if you want to try and make this feel free to email me, or send me a message on facebook or twitter and I will be happy to let you know. 
 Pictures of the bottles, Franken on left and MAAH on right. You can tell they aren't the same in the bottle. 

 On the nail though it's a bit of a different story. This is one coat. MAAH is on my index and ring finger and the franken is my middle and pinky finger. 

 This is two coats. If I hadn't put it on myself I think it would have been pretty hard for me to tell the difference.

 Did you pick up MAAH? Do you think this franken is close to the original? 


  1. These look the same to me in the pics, good job! I really wanted to get MAAH but it's so goddamn expensive on ebay:(

  2. Great job! They really look the same! I personally don't understand the hype around MAAH and why people are willing to pay so much for a single bottle of polish... I wonder why I haven't seen any other MAAH-frankens yet though.

  3. Impressive! They look the same on the nail!

  4. Ohmigosh gorgeous, you did awesome! If you do an Absolutely Alice I would totally buy it from you! :D

  5. Thank you, Girls!

    khuuphoria, I agree, it is so expensive on Ebay. I was lucky to find mine several months after it was released, at a store when I wasn't looking for it.

    I wonder the same thing, Kayono. I figured a lot of people would have frankened it by now but I have only heard of one.

    Nail Nerd, I don't know if I could franken Alice but if I do I will let you know!


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