Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween The Nightmare Before Christmas Tutorial

Here it is, my last Halloween design for the year. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas so I decided long ago that it would be my nail design for Halloween. It was time consuming, about three hours of work I would guess from start to finish on both hands but it was worth it.

 If you would like to see how I did this design keep reading. By the way, this post is very picture heavy.

 First choose you background, I didn't want plain black so I used Brand New Skates, a dark grey with gold and green shimmer to it. With you acrylic paint take a light grey and make a medium sized circle on the index finger for Sally, a large circle on the middle for Jack and on the ring finger make the outline for Zero. His head is a teardrop sideways shape, a thin line under it for the mouth, then all you have to do is two lines for the ears and box in his body. 

 Time to really get started. With white fill in zero leaving a small grey line around the outside.

 Do the same with Jack. Once you have him filled in with white, add his eye in with black and the smaller details like his nose, eyebrows and mouth. Then with black and grey shade in the other side of the face. I didn't do his entire face because I was trying to make him look like this picture but he didn't quite turn out like that and at the end and I was too tired to redo that side.

 On to Sally, make her big eyes with white. Then with a light grey mixed with green start with her nose and work out filling in around her eyes and the rest of her face. That way you don't have to make tiny lines for her nose. Make a white dot for her mouth and outline it in an oval shape for her lips. Don't forget to add eye shadow to her.
 Add dots for eyes to zero, a few lines on his body and a dot for his red nose.

 Dot in eyes on Sally, several small lines above her eyes for lashes, and a line on each side of her mouth and one on the top of her head with smaller lines going across it for stitches.  

 For my thumbs and pinkys I did the hill with pumpkins. Start by making a large white circle near the cuticle.

 With yellow go around the outer edges and swirl some yellow into the center but don't fully cover it with yellow.

 The last step for Sally is to add in her hair, make a small line over the top of her head and bring it down around her face then fill in around her neck.

 Add purple to the pinky in sharp lines to make the hills.

 To make the hill on the thumb start at the bottom of the moon and draw a circle moving outwards, like you would make a lollipop. Once you get a few lines going around move it out to make the rest of the hill. Under the swirl make sharp lines like the pinky for the smaller hills.

  With a lighter purple add some highlights to the hills.

 Make a few dots with orange on the hills. When they dry take yellow and place a few small lines on them to give the illusion that they are pumpkins. 

 Top coat and you are finished! 

 Here is my right hand, not as nice as the left but I like it.

 I hope you enjoyed all of my Halloween designs and maybe even tried a few! I had a ton of fun doing them!


  1. This is lovely! You are so good with drawing! I'm jelly!

  2. Definitly enjoyed your Halloween designs! The last one turned out amazing too! You really have a hand for all these tiny little details :D

    I had been thinking about Nightmare before Christmas too, because my friend loves it so much. But in the end, too time-consuming for me right now :(

  3. Ahh, so cool! You seriously have some talent with such tiny details!

  4. These are amazing! By far the best Nightmare Before Christmas design I've seen. And this is a really great picture tutorial!

  5. These are amazing! So precise and must have the steadiest hands in the world :D

  6. I absolutely love this! You are really talented!

  7. The details are great! Your such an amazing nail artist!

  8. Thanks for all the great comments, girls!

  9. I have missed so many of your awesome manis! Some how your blog got dropped from my favorites folder in google reader. I am glad to find that out and added you back!

  10. Thank you, imfeelingnail-venturous, lol, glad to be back!

  11. This is so amazing, I would be glad having such nails. I always wonder how you make the other hand


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