Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Candy Tutorial

 The tutorial for today is candy! Candy corn, lollipops, and wrapped candies. For those who don't know, I have a serious sweet tooth! 

 If you would like to see the tutorial for this design keep reading. 

 I started off with purple, Sinful Colors Verbena, for my background but if you don't feel up to outlining at the end you can easily use black. 
 Start making your shapes with white. You don't have to do this step, you can make the shapes in the colors you like but I think it makes it easier in the end and makes the colors show up better.
 For the wrapped candies on my index and pinky make dots and wide lines, then add three dots on each side dragging them in to make the twisted ends. I didn't do the dots on my index because I forgot at first and the paint I used covered them anyways. Large circles make the beginning of the lollipops and triangles for the candy corn on my ring finger.

 Once you have the shapes it is mostly filling in with the colors you like. Make a yellow stripe at the bottom of the triangles for the candy corn and fill in the rest of the candy and color you want.

 When the yellow for the candy corn has dried make an orange stripe in the middle to finish it.

 Now that you have all of you candies colored use a light brown, grey or white to make a stick for you lollipops. For the swirl take white and work from the outside circling in to the center.
 For the last step take a thin black and outline parts of the candy. On the wrapped candies ends make small lines going out to give them the appearance of being crinkled. You don't have to outline every part of every candy and if you used black for you background you don't have to outline anything, you only need to make the lines on the ends of the wrapped candies!
 Top coat and you have delicious sweets for Halloween!

 You can use just one candy on all your fingers or mix it up. I love the this design with all of them together! It looks like candy is raining down!
 What are your plans for Halloween?  


  1. WOW! How fantastic is that?
    I really love the way your index finger came out.

  2. Another cute design! <3
    I'm finally in the mood to try designs like yours again :D yay.

  3. Super cute! And great tutorial! Keep 'em coming, please!

  4. These are so awesome! They are too cute! The wrapper candy are my fav!

  5. Thanks, girls, I really love them!


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