Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guest Post From Pink Polish Addict

Hello Babes at Nails in Nippon! My name is Marketta from Pink Polish Addict and I'm doing a guest post for Tera today. This is my first official guest post and I was flattered when she asked me to return the favor when I asked her to do one for my blog :) . I was a little stumped as far as what I would do when Tera asked me. I'm new to blogging and doing my nails and she's a freehand pro, so I wanted to come up with something really cute that she would like. I saw a post a while ago where Tera said that she is really into green right now, and I also saw that she doesn't have any water marbling on her blog so I decided to do a green water marble!  For the marbling I used all green Bettina polishes, and Bettina Clouds as my base which is a soft squishy delicate white. I used INM Northern Lights holographic top coat just to make it pop, I think I have added it to all my marbling actually lol. Ok let me show you how my 3rd WM adventure turned out...

I added a picture with flash so that you can really see the holo glitter of Northern Lights :)

Here's a picture of the colors that I used to do the marbling and my base coat.

Thanks so much Tera for letting me invade your space for the day to share a quick WM mani with you and your lovely readers :) I hope you all enjoyed what I have to show you today. Thanks for stopping by and reading.


 I love water marble but usually can't get much that I am proud of showing off to anyone so it's fantastic that Marketta did a water marble for us! I love all of the greens! If you haven't checked out Marketta's blog yet you definitely should, she takes great pictures. Thanks again Marketta for suggesting a guest post and doing one for me as well. I really enjoyed it!


  1. Fantastic guest post! Marketta is pretty pro at those watermarbles.

  2. I love the colors! It looks so fresh! It's nice to see something different from all the halloween themed manicures ;)

  3. Great colors, they look wonderful all marbled together!

  4. great guest post! i love this marble & the holo top coat makes it that much better! :)

  5. Simply gorgeous! And a beautiful color scheme, too.


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