Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Swap With Swaafie From Denmark

 A while back I found Swaafie's blog and reading through noticed she posted about Gosh Holographic. I emailed her about it and luckily she had just found another bottle and we agreed to a swap.
 She sent me some awesome polishes that I had been wanting along with the amazing Gosh Holo and a few treats. I tried one of the sticks so far, it was licorice with coconut filling that was delicious! She was even kind enough to decant some of her H&M Going Bananas that I was looking for but she couldn't get her hands on anymore. How sweet is that?
 I cannot wait to try all of these polishes! I am so grateful that she agreed to swap with me. Thank you Swaafie!


  1. Wow, you got your hands on Gosh Holographic! Amazing! Can't wait for your swatches ;)
    The H&M polishes look pretty too. I wish the stores close to me would sell those...

    Btw, the OPI polish turned out to be fake after all. I went to the official retailer in my city and compared the two. There are several differences not just the logo. I'll try to post about the China Glaze one. I'm pretty sure this one is fake too, now that I know the OPI is a fake (same seller). :((

  2. Kayono, I am beyond excited to try the holo!

    Sad that you got a fake. I hope the China Glaze doesn't turn out to be one too! Will you be able to get your money back for them?


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