Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Candy Shop Franken

 After working on my Lippmann frankens and the issues they gave me, I am finally pleased with them. The pink base is darker than Candy Shop but I think I like it a bit more that way. The glitter is pretty dense and the base is shiny and squishy. I love the look of the glitter suspended in the jelly. The picture below is two coats.
 Now I only need a name. Maybe Mad Cotton Candy since for some reason it reminds of Mad As A Hatter? Candy Fizz? I can't decide. 

 Do you have any suggestions for naming this franken?


  1. Ooh, it's so cute!
    And I really like the Mad Cotton Candy, because your nails do remind me of cotton candy. :D

  2. Thanks, girls!

    I really like the name Mad Cotton Candy but I like Dolly Mixture too, Shel.

  3. Mad Cotton Candy is a pretty name!
    You did a great job with this polish! ;D


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