Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Unbirthday

 Today I have my franken for Lippmann's Forget You, I call it Happy Unbirthday. You know, because of the Lippmann Happy Birthday polish and the Disney Wonderland song Happy Unbirthday? It just seemed fitting for the glitter in a black base. 
 With two coats the base is fairly opaque and has tons of glitter in it so I might thin it down a bit more still. Overall I am really satisfied with this. Now I only need the original Lippmann Happy Birthday with the square glitter. 

 Would you wear this type of glitter polish?


  1. that's really pretty! I would wear this type of glitter polish for the Holdiay! It would be perfect! ;D

    PS I love the name you gave it ;D

  2. 100% yes! I love dark polish colours and glitter so this is perfect. :)

  3. Thank you, Nailderella! I agree, it would be perfect for the holidays!

    A Polished Touch, thanks! I love dark polish as well, especially when my nails are shorter!

  4. This one turned out really pretty! I love the name!


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