Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lippmann Party Started Frankens

 When I first saw the pictures from the Lippmann Get This Party Started Set I was beyond excited. Not only because of the pink and black glitter but also that Happy Birthday would be included with them since I had been wanting it for a while. 
 Now that I have seen the swatches and noticed that Happy Birthday in the set does not have the square glitter it used to have, I am disappointed, it isn't special enough for me to want it anymore. I have Milani Gems and NYX Carnival that are almost exactly the same thing. 
 With Gems and Carnival being so close to the glitter in the set, why spend that amount on something I can easily franken? So I tried it. They still need to be tweaked a little but I think they are pretty close to Candy Shop and Forget You. 

 Have you franked a polish that you wanted, what was it and how did it turn out?


  1. I haven't tried to make my own franken polish so far. Yours look pretty though! So much glitter! xD I'm really into glitter lately...

    I love Gosh Holographic on your nails! Looked totally awesome! :)

  2. Thanks, you definitely should try it some time, Kayono! Glitter is my thing.

    I adore Gosh Holo to death!

  3. hi Tera,
    this is such a gorgeous color!
    unfortunately my area doesnt sell any lipmann's products.

    but i tnink opi has a very similar color to this so i might get it in the future :)

  4. Thank you! I have the same problem, meryl.

    Thanks, shel,! I love them, so happy I tried frankening them!


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