Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Gosh!

 Thanks to Swaffie I finally got a hold of Gosh Holographic. I am so happy she sent it to me because it is stunning! Pictures do this polish absolutely no justice.
 Application is a bit of a pain. It dries fast, you cannot go over the polish until it is bone dry or it will drag and create bald spots and top coat will seriously dull the holo. If you have a bit of patience it isn't bad though. I used two coats of base coat, one coat of Gosh, followed by a coat of base coat and one final coat of Gosh and it was perfect. I can't stop looking at my nails! Even indoors under artificial light it is gorgeous!
 The first picture is indoors under artificial light with one coat. You can see a few bald spots.

 Now, two coats of color in full sunlight. These pictures make it seem tame. Gosh Holographic is so much better in person.

 Do you have any holographic polishes? What is your favorite way to apply them, with base coat, without? What about top coat, do you think it takes away the holographic effect?


  1. Pure and absolute gorgeous!!!!! I luv your nail shape!!

  2. Thank you, Jossie. I love them this length and shape!

  3. I'm glad you like it =) I haven't had trouble with topcoat dulling it, at least not something noticeable! And I agree, it's gorg all the time! I found that the rainbow effect was showing even inside with no direct lightsource :O

  4. I absolutely love it, I can't thank you enough, Swaafie! I noticed a big difference after putting top coat on one finger next to the rest but that may have just been because it was only on one. Yes, inside under dim artificial light it is still crazy!


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