Monday, August 1, 2011

Blue, Green And An Order From

 I made an order with last week since they had several glitters I wanted and ordered a few other colors as well. Drugstore brands haven't been kind to me and that is the biggest reason I got out of polishing me nails for a while. I hated polishing my nails everyday. Anyways, I am hoping I will have better results this time around so along with the glitters I ordered a few NYX creams and Kleancolor Fashionista, which leaked out of the bottle a bit in shipping.
 I tried NYX Pistachio first, it is a close dupe for China Glaze For Audrey but Pistachio is just a shade darker. I prefer For Audrey though. Pistachio is thin and watery, took three coats and I should have used a third and there was cuticle drag.

 Then I put Cherimoya crackle in Evolution over Pistachio. They have crackle polish in every color for a decent price. My only problem with it is the smell and they are pretty thick with some chunks in it like it hasn't been mixed well or has started to dry out so if you are sensitive to smell I would steer clear of these. The green cracked well though. I hope the other one I ordered, an orange, works just as well.

 Pictured below is everything I ordered from If there is a color you would like to see let me know. My order was well packed with a ton of bubble wrap and took a week to get to me so I am pleased with that. 


  1. i like to see the Kleancolor glitter^^

    hugs <3

  2. Mitsuki, that is actually what I had planned to put on next!


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