Monday, August 13, 2012

Wet N Wild Don't Break The Circuit

 Hey guys! I was meaning to show another OPI Germany polish today but I had to share an amazing new magnetic I found. 
 Wet N Wild Don't Break The Circuit is a rich blue magnetic polish with holographic glitter! It is so pigmented that it could be a one coater but I did two since I wanted to try and get a nice design. There is a catch to this polish though, the magnet that this comes with is very weak. In order to get a strong design and get the holo to come out you need a strong magnet. I used the Wet N Wild magnet on my ring and pinky finger but the design barely showed and you are left disappointed with no holo but, if you have a stronger magnet, I used one from my fridge, you can get the holo to come out like you see on the middle and index finger. Picture is two coats with topcoat. I should have let it dry longer before adding top coat because it dulled the design and holo a bit. The only problem with this one is it will stain your nails!

 Keep reading for more pictures.
 This is what the bottle looks like.

 And with the magnet cap removed.

 Here is the magnet I used, just a simple magnet from a dry erase marker I had, much stronger, it only took about three seconds for the design to show.

 In the photos below you can see the difference with the Wet N Wild magnet on my ring and pinky fingers and my fridge magnet on my index and middle.

 What do you think of this magnetic polish? Have you seen it out, did you pick it up? If you didn't you should!


  1. I have two of these WnW magnetic polishes. This is one of the ones I picked up because of the holo glitter. Haven't tried it yet, but the first one I tried, with the magnet from a Nails Inc polish, didn't show the magnetic effect as much as other magnetic polishes.

    1. When I saw the glitter I couldn't pass it up! I just wish the magnet was stronger.

  2. Nice blue magnetic - looking like it might be a bit brighter and less dusty than other magnetic blues. I bought a few magnetics - played with 'em, put them back to stash. Something just OK about them - but not a repeat in my mind that I reach for again. I think I was turned off by seemed so many companies releasing them and basically all of 'em had the same shades. Something about the magnetic dust that has to go into the formula keeps the shades in the same range. I did see these at a drug store last out of town medical visit I was on. Think I was in a Walgreens.

    1. Yes, it seems brighter than the blue I have seen around now that you mention it! Agreed, they all look the same since there are so many now.


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