Friday, August 24, 2012

Alligator/Crocodile Skin with Tutorial

 Hey guys! As promised, today I have a tutorial. This started out with me trying to do some kind of elephant skin but it ended up alligator/crocodile skin print instead.

 If you would like to see the tutorial keep reading!

 You want your base to be a darker color so the design stands out, I am using China Glaze Elephant Walk. Start by making irregular squares with white acrylic paint. Be sure to leave a small space between each shape.

 Continue filling you nail with irregular square shapes making sure there is a small line of your base color showing between all the squares.

 After you have the entire nail filled with square shapes take a lighter color of your base color, in my case it's grey, and begin filling in each shape leaving a small outline of the white around the edge.

 By now you should have something like this.

 Time to add depth. Take a darker version of your base color, again, mine's grey, and shade over some of the edges of your white and lighter base color.

 Shade as much as you like with your lighter and darker color.

 Add top coat and you are done!

 Trust me these look much better in person! If you had a more steady hand than I do you could paint your nails white and then make thin lines outlining the square shapes and then shade but I find my hand shakes too much for that.
 What do you think of this print, would you wear it? Does it look like alligator skin to you? 


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