Saturday, August 18, 2012

OPI Deutsche You Want Me Baby

 Hi guys! I finally broke down today and made a trip to Michaels and bought my first Melmer because my polish has been sadly sitting in a huge box on the floor. When we moved we got rid of some of our furniture since we didn't know where we would be living and how much space we would have so I ended up not having much storage for my polish. Since we don't live near an IKEA I went for the next best thing and I have to say I am pleased, it holds a lot more than I thought it would.
 Today I have the last polish I picked up from the Germany collection, Deutsche You Want Me Baby. I saved my favorite of the bunch for last. Deutsche You Want Me Baby is a rusty orange with a gorgeous shimmer, it seems to glow. It really makes me think of fall, mostly Halloween which you all know I love and can't wait for! Picture is two coats and it was perfect formula wise.

 What is your favorite season? I have always adored fall; the weather, the colors, it has always been my favorite!


  1. I love fall with the cool nights and brisk winds and of course colorful foilage. This color is a perfect fall shade!

  2. I just got my bottle of this yesterday in the mail! It's so pretty and will be perfect for fall esp where I live now that gets no real fall season - we go right from summer weather with a change of lighting in the fall to winter it seems. One day it's no more shorts - on to jeans - then pouf it's fleece time! I adore fall - the colors of nature & fall clothing the most...but only really got to wear fall things and enjoy the season when I lived in Vermont.

    1. Oh, sad, I wish fall would last so much longer but I guess I can't complain!

  3. This looks gorgeous!! Definitely the best swatch I've seen of it yet--it looks almost juicy on your nails!

  4. This is a gorgeous colour! Definitely one for my wish list :D


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