Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make Your Own Nail Art Stickers

 Making your own stickers is easy. If you have trouble doing designs with your non-dominate hand you can make stickers to simply be placed on. 
 All you need are a few simple things that you probably already have: a piece of plastic, nail polish and/or acrylic paint, paint brush, cuticle stick or toothpick and optional are tweezers and scissors. 
 I like to use Ziplock freezer bags because they are thick and I do not have to have anything to hold it down while I work, plus it will be easy to get your sticker off thicker plastic when done. A plastic bag or saran wrap will also work but I find it harder to work with. 

 If you use a freezer bag I suggest cutting it so you have several smaller pieces, for me it is easier to use that way. I don't use the part of the plastic that has writing on it because most of the time it will make my design hard to see so I just toss it.

 Now I have a bunch of plastic to make my designs on.

 I wanted a Hello Kitty mani so I made her face. Everything I used for her was acrylic paint. I started with just her basic shape, if you do not have a steady hand you can do this with black first and then fill in with white leaving a small black outline. 

 Keep adding details until you are satisfied with it. 

 When you have your design finished let the paint fully dry, add top coat. Make sure you have enough top coat on your brush to cover the design and do not brush back over it. It can drag and pull which is what mine did a bit but it isn't that noticeable. You want to cover the design fully and even cover a little past it. This way when you lift it you are picking at just clear topcoat and will not damage the design. 
 My best tip for this part is cover the design but do not make it thick, then make a thick edge on one side of the design so you can lift it with the cuticle stick, then trim it away before placing on the nail.  

 I like to use tweezers to pick it up once I have lifted an edge. 

 You can see I made these about two weeks ago but haven't gotten to use them yet. 

 Anyways, after they are off the plastic I trim the excess with small scissors. Doing that will make it blend in better when you put it on the nail. 

 You can make any design a sticker. I tried out a quick lace design to see how it would work.

 To use the stickers, paint your nails like you usually would. Once the final coat is dry I place my sticker on where I want it and use the flat edge of a cuticle stick to press it down. I do not use topcoat to stick it to my nail. I find that it causes me to get tons of bubbles and I don't need it as long as I put the sticker on just before covering with top coat. 
 After you have your sticker where you want it and pressed down flat, cover with a topcoat and enjoy.

 Have you tried making your own stickers? How did it go for you?  


  1. I have read about making your own stickers before, but never actually tried to make them. Very nice tutorial though! Easy to understand. :)

  2. This is really nice, the step by step was very easy to follow. Thank you for this tut.


  3. Kayono, thanks, it is fun, you should try them! They are handy for small detailed designs.

    Thank you Miki, I was hoping it would be easy to understand for those who haven't tried it before.

  4. This seems quite easy to do. But yeah, I said "seems" because the small details must be more difficult to do...
    Thank you for this tuto!

  5. Nailderella, you do need a small brush and a somewhat steady hand but if you do the outlining as much as you can and then fill it it isn't bad. It just takes patience and practice.

  6. If you have the time to do this, it's a great way of making a unique sticker. Great tutorial, I'll try this out sometime :-)

  7. Thanks, Ash-Lilly. I find it is easier to make the stickers just because I don't have to wait for them dry on my nails. I can do other things while it does that, then just stick it on cover with topcoat and go!

  8. This is such a nifty idea. Am definitely gonna give it a try.

  9. I just found this tutorial, and it's amazing! I cannot wait to try this out. It's going to make nail art so much easier.

  10. Thanks for putting this tutorial out into the world! I haven't yet tried to make my own nail stickers, and often wondered how they did them, so- thank you!!!
    It was easy to read, and I hope to get around to trying this soon!


  11. This is a great tip!! I have been looking for something just like this, I hope you don't mind, I shared a link to this tutorial on my blog at I LOVE your nail artwork, the Harry Potter was fantastic!

  12. I had heard of doing stickers with nail polish, but not acrylic paints (which are way easier to work with when doing a detailed design) so thank you very much for the tutorial. Now I will have to give it a try! I am new to your blog and I like what I see so far! I also live in Japan and I am a nail art junkie!

  13. This really works great! I'm so excited to do more. I love your blog. I'm just getting started in nail art and you have so many amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Thanks for this I can't wait to try it!!

  15. I tried this today and I am thrilled considering it was my first attempt. Thanks so much!


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