Sunday, June 12, 2011

Candy Mani

 Ever since I got the Texas Sorbet polishes I have wanting to try a candy mani. It is basically sandwiching glitter polish and a jelly polish so that the glitter still shows through the top color. 
 I used OPI's Osaka To Me Orange as a base with Extra-Va-Vaganza and one coat of Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? on top. This has insane sparkle, you have to try this for yourself to appreciate it. 

 What do you think, have you tried the candy mani yet?


  1. This manicure looks great! I just tried to do this too, but every try failed ^^; Just one looked slightly like your mani. Sadness. :(

  2. That's really pretty! I saw this kind of mani on a blog last week and I tried it today (with Guy meets galveston)! I took pictures so I'll post it on my blog soon!

    Yours is gorgeous! I like seeing orange nail polishes on ppl but I've tried one myself!

  3. Awww Kayono, what did you use for your candy mani?
    Nailderella, thanks! I love these because they dry so fast.
    I love orange polish but I never wear orange clothing, kind of weird.

  4. I tried several combinations with the few glitters I have. A blue one, a pink one and a golden one. Maybe the polishes I used as the final layer weren't jelly enough... :S

    Well orange is pretty bold. Even as a polish. And even more orange clothing. I love orange clothing though :D

  5. Could it be that the polish you used for the top layer was thick and that didn't let the glitter show through?
    I love orange, I guess it just clashes with my hair and that's why I don't wear orange clothing?

  6. Hm, I used the sheerest polishes I own. But I don't really have any without a hint of shimmer in it... maybe that alone eats away too much of the glitter below. I'm going to the city after work today. Maybe I can find a polish to play around with ;) Not giving up just yet.

  7. Well, I think the real key is getting a jelly polish. Regular sheer creams will take a lot away from the shine and glitter factor making it look something probably like Deborah Lippmann's Glitter In The Air.
    I hope you find something that works!


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