Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Leopard Tutorial (Pic Heavy)

 I get a lot of questions on my leopard prints ever time I wear one and they are quick and simple to do so I figured I would make a tutorial showing you how. The pictures of this print is a bit more spaced out than I like but I wanted to make sure it was easy to see and understand.
 Start off with you base coat, it can be any color you like, I used white. After your base coat is dry you can place random dots of color for the base of the spots, I went with pink for this one, or you can skip the spots and just do outlines. I personally like the colored spots with black outlining.

 Now with black start outlining the spots. I use circles, c's, dots and threes for my pattern. They look best if they aren't so perfect, be a little messy! For one I will outline the entire spot another almost all the way around to form a c shape then three lines around a spot and maybe one or two dots on a spot until all the spots have black on them. 

 After all the spots are outlined I like to fill in empty space with random black spot shapes and dots.

 When everything looks good apply a top coat and enjoy your leopard print! 
 Remember you can use any colors you like, the different color combos are always fun. Do you like animal prints, have you tried any?

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  1. I just did two leopard print mani's today! I didn't know how to do leopard spots until last night, but that didn't stop me from learning! It was easier than I thought it would be, and so much fun! I haven't posted my leopard prints to my blog, but I got em up on Facebook! Absolutely love it! Fun to do in rainbow colors!


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