Thursday, June 16, 2011


 My very first franken and it turned out great! I didn't think the polish that I used would work with the black but it did. I saw something like this on The PolishAholic, you can check out her post here.
  I picked up a cheap bottle of Wet n Wild Wild Shine Black Cream, dumped about half out and used the pink holo polish I found here in Japan, then used thinning drops to smooth it out.
 In the shade you can see it doesn't look like much.

 Once it get in the sun it sparkles like mad. These pictures truly do not do this polish justice, it is ten times better than the pictures.  

 It shows more in this picture but it is a bit blurry and washed out.

 I don't own the original My Private Jet and I can't bring myself to pay for it on Ebay and risk getting a fake so this will be my substitute for it. This isn't a linear holo but I still love it. 


  1. Ah, I suppose that's the one you wrote about in your email! It looks totally awesome! So looking forward to your package! ^^

  2. Yes, it is! It looks so much better in real life. My camera just would not pick it up. I thought adding the pink to the black would lighten it but it didn't. I hope it doesn't take much longer to get to you.
    Did you find a jelly polish by any chance?

  3. What's the name of these Japanese glitters? I know you mentioned that...but I forgot...

    It's been about 3 weeks I'm dying to do a holo Franken. I've already all my material prepared...butcan't find the time to do it...;;

  4. The name on the bottle say A-Rainbow Winmax New York.
    You will have to let us know how it goes for you when you do!

  5. I know, pictures never seem to pick up the true beauty of holo/glitter somehow. I can't capture the effect on my nails right now either. :S

    I didn't find a nice jelly. Well, no jelly at all. Seems like they didn't make it to Germany yet. Where do you buy your OPIs btw?

    Your new candy mani is really pretty too!

  6. They really don't and it is such a shame sometimes. What are you wearing now?
    That is a bummer. What brands do you have close to you? I have been buying them online at or have someone pick them up for me and ship them but it takes forever for that. That is one thing I miss about the states and being able to pick them up at the store. I haven't found anyone close that stocks OPI just for sale so I am out of luck on that one.
    Thanks, I love everything that shines and sparkles!

  7. I'm wearing some of my japanese polishes right now. I used some holo glitters I picked up in December... I just love them!
    Well, I have the German brands available. But everything seems to be shimmer or cream polishes right now. I could buy some OPI, but I'm not willing to pay 22$ for a single bottle.
    Do you happen to know a trustable seller on ebay?

  8. Thanks!
    Yeah, I will let you know when I do my 1st franken! ;D

  9. Kayono, I know a few from when I was back in the states but unfortunately they do not ship internationally, sorry. If I come across one I will let you know.

    Looking forward to seeing it Nailderella!


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