Thursday, June 9, 2011

Black with Silver Shatter

 Everyone is probably sick of seeing Shatter but I wanted to show what I think is the best combo with the silver. I had this on as a pedicure since I got silver the beginning of May but wanted swatches of it as a manicure after I took it off last night. I really love this combination. Picture is two coats Black Onyx with Silver Shatter and top coat.

 Since I took my Harajuku mani off yesterday, it was still holding up but I was bored with it, I am thinking of a candy mani now. Orange maybe?
 Are you guys sick of the shatters, crackles, fractures, whatever yet? I really want to try the Turquoise Shatter and a few of the China Glaze Crackle Metals.


  1. I'm not sick of shatters yet! I wanna try Navy Shatter! ;D
    Black and silver look great, you're right!

  2. Nailderella, I just wish their were more color choices like an orange or green!

  3. Oh, green and orange would be cool indeed!
    When Shatters became trendy, I didn't like them. I was really really really sick of seeing mani with Black Shatter as I din't like it...
    But since OPI came with different colors, I started being interested in Shatters...everything started with Silver Shatter for me!^^

  4. I prefer the silver over the black. Their are a few other colors I would like to have in the shatters but I am not a huge fan, I like regular old nail art much more.
    I can see why many people like them though. It does make things different if you aren't into nail art or just don't have much time, they are quick and easy!


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