Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Harajuku Inspired

 This is a nail art design I entered in a youtube contest over the weekend. It was my first time making a video even though it is just a picture video, I think it went alright. The theme was "harajuku kawaii or funky cute" you can check out the contest here if you are interested.
 I have been wearing this since Saturday night and it is still holding up. I did hate to see Gir and Piggy go though. The nail piercing is my first, wasn't sure if I would be ok with it but curiosity got the best of me, a bit bothersome typing but other than that it's not bad.

 Picture of the right hand.


  1. Soooo pretty! <3 Turned out really nice and definitely reminds me strongly of Japanese style nails. I love it!

  2. Thanks, I thought about this design for a while. I am happy it turned out so well, I still have it on today!

  3. I really like how you placed the rhinestones and half pearls. I get the feeling that the key to the "japanese" look really is having them in all kind of different sizes and grouping them just like you did. Everytime I try that it looks totally different. ^^;

  4. oh, btw, I just remembered that I asked about where you stay in Japan! I actually stayed in Aomori too. Not Misawa though. In my case Hirosaki.

  5. Yeah, I think it looks much better to have different size stones rather than all one size. I guess it adds more interest? I know, sometimes I do a design with groupings like this and try to do it again and it is never the same. Isn't that funny?
    I love Hirosaki! I go there as much as I can. Mostly to the festivals but I take any opportunity to go there.
    How long were you here?

  6. Doing the same thing again without it looking different would be boring right!?
    I stayed in Hirosaki for one year as an exchange student at Hirodai. I loved it so much there! If I remember correctly, there should be the big Hanabi soon. Is that an excuse to go to Hirosaki? :D

  7. Really like it! It seems so Japanese! :p

  8. Kayono, yes it would be boring. That must be why I never really do the same design again.
    There should be in August I think. I will have to see, I would love to have an excuse to go again! I usually go to Towada for Hanabi.
    Nailderella, thanks, when I was first thinking about it I thought it was going to turn out horrible!

  9. I love nail piercing and I really like how you put that pierce. I will try it too in the next few days

  10. Thanks Mia, you will have to let me know how you like it. The only downside to it is waiting for it to grow out and I have heard of problems with splitting on natural nails.


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