Monday, June 20, 2011

Leopard With A Twist

 It's no secret that I love animal print nail art and when I saw this design from Robin Moses I had to try it. A very simple looking leopard mani but with lip prints. This is cute and really does look like leopard until you get close, if you would like to watch her video you can see it here


  1. That's a cute twist! Looks really pretty. What colors did you use?

  2. I always love coming to your blog! I've been so behind with keeping up with everybody, so I've kinda been skipping over them, but your mani's always catch my eye!

  3. Thanks!

    I love to do manis that catch peoples eyes, Angie.

    Kayono, I used OPI's Rising Star and the brown and black are acrylic paint.

  4. Rising Star really looks gorgeous... but I wouldn't have guessed that the rest is acrylic paint! Very nice.

    I need to order some OPI :D

  5. Rising Star looks great here! perfect for this mani! I really like how it turned out! your nails are so pretty!

  6. Rising Star is perfect for animal prints! And acrylic paint is so much easier to work with when doing nail art.


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