Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't Mess With OPI vs Jade Is The New Black

 I finally got around to comparing Don't Mess With OPI and Jade Is The New Black. In the bottle they seem almost identical and it's about the same on the nail. DMWO is on the index and ring with JITNB on the middle and pinky finger. DMWO is just a bit lighter.
 If you aren't a collector of greens you would be perfectly content with one or the other. I prefer DMWO just because the formula seems a bit better, it is thicker but easier to control.

 Since I took my candy mani off earlier, you get to see this, because I was bored and cannot wait any longer to try it out.

 My first franken! I made this a few weeks back but haven't gotten around to wearing it yet. The sun came out for a while earlier and I snapped this picture before it went away, you can see my candy mani there as well. 
 I have it on now but I was not quick enough to catch the sun so hopefully pictures of that tomorrow!


  1. Wow, those are so close!

    Your franken looks awesome too! (oh, and I love your new background)

  2. Thanks AngieBee! They are pretty hard to tell apart unless you look closely. I am changing a few things around.
    I thought the dark with the colors look a bit better, hopefully everyone likes it.


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