Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update For The Upcoming Weeks

 Most of you guys know by now we are moving. Our time in Japan is over and we will be returning to the States soon. The movers are coming to pack all of our belongings the next few days with the exception of what we will be taking in our luggage on the plane when we fly out in about two weeks. In between this move across the world we are also taking thirty days of vacation time to visit family so we will be living out of our suitcases until about the end of July. Hopefully, our household things won't take long to arrive back home.
 Anyways, I will still be blogging but because of moving and traveling I will have limited internet access. I have posts scheduled and a lot of photos and things to edit but I may not be able to check in for a few days at a time so please bear with me. All comments will still be moderated, if you leave a comment and it doesn't show up for several days that's why. As always, if you have a question or request the quickest, easiest way to reach me is by email. Finally, I have no plans to change my blog name as of right now and I kind of doubt I'll change it anytime soon.
 That's about it for now, if anything does change I will let you guys know!  


  1. Good luck with the move and have fun traveling!

  2. Good luck. Hope everything goes well.

  3. Wishing you safe travels and moving!

  4. To me it is sad to hear that your time in Japan is over! (I still envy you for being there...) I hope you had a great time though. Have lots of fun traveling and good luck with your upcoming move =)

    1. Yes, we are sad to be leaving but we've had an amazing time here! Thank you!


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