Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tweed Nails With Tutorial

 Hi guys! I'm back again with Rumple's Wiggin' today for some nail art. I already had it on so it seemed a waste to just remove it. I saw a tweed design in one of my Japanese nail magazines, I wish I had it to take a picture and show you guys, and loved it so I finally got around to trying it. 
 Obviously, the base is OPI Rumple's Wiggin' and the rest is acrylic paint. I used yellow, white and black for this one. I started off with the yellow making a few lines horizontally and vertically, some crossing each other. 

 Next, do the same with white.

 Then, with black.

 Top coat and you're done.

 Then only thing I would have done differently with these is add more colors and lines, other than that I really liked it. Have you tried tweed nails before?


  1. Really easy but cute nail art! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Really cute! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Really like this design idea - and I think you stopped with the additional colors just at the right time. More and your nails would have looked too heavy. I can see this translating super well to lots of different colors. Plus it's nail art I can even do!

  4. Awesome tutorial! I really like this look.

  5. This is lovely Tera, never thought to do stripes like this and may have a bash!

  6. I haven't tried it yet but I must because it's beautiful and seems easy enough. Thanks for sharing :D

  7. What an awesome design--it looks so incredibly cool!

    PS: I really like the shape of your nails, and they look great at that length. Nice balance of round and square, elegant and cute. ;)

  8. This looks awesome! I've been wanting to attempt a design like this and your tutorial makes it look so easy. New follower here! :)

    1. Thank you! I try to make my tutorials as easy as possible. Thanks for following!!!


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