Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I Wont Be Wearing Today

 I don't usually do hauls but the Salon Effects are still hanging around so I thought I would show you what my latest order for was, you know, the stuff I wont be wearing until the skulls chip.
 Mostly they are ones that I have wanted but just haven't picked up. Two of them are replacements, Alpine snow because I was scraping the bottom of the bottle and Stranger Tides because I swapped that one away. I also bought Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window but somehow it didn't make it in my box but a new one is already on the way. 
 I already tried out Zom-body To Love on my toes, it glows but not for very long, it fades fairly quick although it is still nice and I love it. They also sent a sample of Lemon-Brite cuticle remover and nail brightener, has anyone tried this before?

 What new polish have you bought recently? I would love to know!


  1. I just bought Nina Ultra Pro Ink-ling, which is a medium-dark gray. When it's compared with other grays seems to have a hint of purple that isn't noticeable just by looking at the bottle itself. Oh and I got FingerPaints Military Green - which is a color that has looked good on me my whole life and I'm thrilled to be able to get nail polish this color! Your haul looks great! That red one on the right looks interesting - is it sparkly?

  2. Nice haul! Lots of interesting colors. Did you order from NaildeRoyal again?

    I also hauled... ended up buying way too many polishes yesterday. I just hope I'll put them to use soon ^^;

  3. They both sound great, DesertNails8! I have seen swatches of both and I really like them! Thanks, yes, it is called I Lilly Love You. It has flakies and glitter in it. I am fascinated with it.

    Thanks, Kayono! No, I ordered from Aveyou again. I love their customer service and every time I order they send me a coupon for 15 off my next 75 or more order. Oh, I would love to see them. I always like seeing or hearing what other have bought.

  4. I am anxious to try out my glow in the dark polish! Going to wait til closer to Halloween I think though. And is that I Lily Love You on the end? LOVE that one!!

  5. Halloween is my favorite time of the year, Amanda, so I usually start early! I can't wait to wear it soon. Yes, it is I Lilly Love You, it looks amazing in the bottle.


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