Thursday, September 1, 2011

H&M Going Bananas

 Going Bananas is a soft baby yellow with a touch of yellow and green shimmer in it. I adore this polish, very much, I need a full size bottle. I have never actually worn yellow polish before this one because I didn't think it would go well with me but I have to say I love it. 
 Like all yellows, application wasn't great but it did cover nicely in three coats. 

 Have you ever not tried a polish for any reason? 


  1. Very beautiful!!! Yellows are streaky that is what I hate about them..

  2. This is a very nice yellow! I really wish they would sell polish in my local H&M store. I see swatches of such lovely H&M polishes on blogs lately. ;(

    I actually didn't wear green for a very long time, because i thought it wouldn't go with my skin tone. In fact, most greens don't, but I now own several greens that I really adore! Wearing green right now :D But I still think that reds are to "strong" for me for some reason.

    Btw, I now have 4 jelly polishes and did a very basic jelly sandwich the other day. I hope I get around to post it soon :)

  3. wow, it looks gorgeous! I've never tried yellows...for the same reason as you...but I'm very impressed on how it looks on you!
    and yours nails and pictures are always so great!!

  4. I will always try a polish at least once however I always feel a little self conscious when wearing red. I find that funny because I could wear the boldest mani in any other colour and be fine. Stigma, I guess. Great yellow!

  5. Thanks girls!

    Jossie, I agree, all the yellows I have heard about are streaky, this one included. The color is worth the hassle though.

    Kayono, I used to think I couldn't wear green but lately I don't think I have tried I green I didn't like. I don't like to wear red anymore though, like you, I think it is too strong.
    Yes, you will have to post it so we can see!

    Nailderella, you will have to try them! I have been lemming yellows for a while now and this one only makes me want more.

    A Polished Touch, I used to wear red all the time when I was younger but now I don't care for it.


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