Monday, September 26, 2011

China Glaze It's Alive

 It's Alive is a blackened green with different sized green glitter from the Haunting Halloween Collection this year. I already know this will be on of my favorite polishes ever. Green, glitter and is opaque in two coats, how can I not love it? You will need a good top coat because this on is very gritty, other than that I adore it. I could see myself wearing this anytime of the year. 

 What do you think of glitters like this, love them or hate them?
 I also noticed yesterday that I passed 100 followers and just wanted to say thank you guys! 


  1. I can't wait to wear this one!! I LOVE it! Its a similar color to Zombie Zest from last year, but with glitter!!

  2. I just love this one!

  3. I added it to my shopping list. I think I will have an absolute love/absolute hate relationship with this polish. On the one had, it's so pretty but gritty glitters drive me crazy. Even two coats of topcoat doesn't completely soothe.

  4. So excited for this polish, I've been waiting by the mailbox everyday for it to show up. Looks fantastic on you!

  5. Thanks, girls!

    purplegreenpanda, but it is so worth it! I used two thick coats and it wasn't bad.

  6. Love this polish! It is a one of a kind color and so much fun for Halloween!

  7. tasha, yes, I haven't really seen another exactly like this one. I adore it so much!


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