Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sally Salon Effects Numbskull And Wear Test

 As soon as I got these the other day I had to try one out. I picked the skull and crossbones design since it was my least favorite and I wouldn't be too upset if I ruined it. Now that I have it on I like this design more than I though I would. 
 I have to say though, I had no real issues with these. I was imagining this to be a huge disaster but is was actually fine. It took about half an hour but I did pick sizes and trim them so I can get another full mani or pedi out of it hopefully. If I had not been doing that it probably would have taken around fifteen or less. 
 The only problem I had was not picking a large enough size to cover my nail as you can see on my pinky, which was totally my fault. I had no issues with bubbles or wrinkles but I did use a pair of tweezers to handle the strips and pull the edges down on the sides and tip a bit. Picture is with no base coat no top coat.

 Out of the sixteen strips in the box I have eight full strips plus a few halves left over!

 After I was finished, I took my remaining strips and put them back in the packaging, then placed duck tape over the back to see if they will keep to use again. 

 Overall, for the price and possibly being able to get two uses, it isn't bad. I didn't have to wait for anything to dry, that was great! If they last several days, I would buy these again.
 I put these on Saturday afternoon so I will be back over the next few days to report how they are holding up and open up my resealed package and let you guys know if they are still usable.
 Have you used polish stripes like these? How did it turn out?


  1. oh wow this is even nicer looking on your nails than in the package i love them!

  2. Thanks, Irishenchantment, I thought the same thing!

  3. Those went on flawlessly, well done! I'm still scared of patterns like this b/c I know I'd totally fold them somewhere trying to apply it.

  4. Nail Nerd, thank you! They were actually super easy for me. I don't know if that was because I used tweezers to put them on or what? I am glad I tried them!

  5. I've used the Laced Up polish strips, they were amazing and held up really well.

  6. I avoided these for a while due to the price but once I tried them, I just wanted more. :) I've found if leftovers are wrapped up very tightly and sealed well (I use the bag the little file comes in), they're still good to use.

  7. Thanks, girls!

    Good to know, KarenD! I will be opening mine back up when this starts to chip. I want to try them on my toes. Like you, I avoided them at first, I want more now. They are pretty cool!

  8. I can't tell you how much I love these strips!!! I get a full mani and pedi out of half the pack (two packs per box) So the value is incredible!


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