Friday, September 2, 2011

Is It Halloween yet?

 Look what I got my hands on! The Sally Salon effects for Halloween. My sweet guy surprised me with these, I am excited to try them. 
 Over the years Sally and I have not gotten along well. Back in the day, sure, we were close but realizing that polishing my nails everyday was not going to work for me, she had to go. Now that we are older I hope we can get along.
 I am most excited to try the green barbed wire, Hot Wired. I don't know why I am excited about these because the designs are pretty simple and I feel like I could easily do them myself but for others that don't feel up to doing it themselves this would be perfect. I must like the idea of not having to wait for all my paint to dry? Plus, it claims to last "Up to 10 days". We will see how long it lasts, Sally, we will see. 

 Have you tried any of the polish strips, how did it work out for you?


  1. I haven't tried them yet but those ghosts are absolutely PRECIOUS!

  2. i love them all i wish we could get these here lol i think i would have to buy every design!

  3. They are adorable, A Polished Touch! I just finished trying out the skull and crossbones design and they worked out pretty well, better than I thought. Now to see how long they last! I will probably save the others for closer to Halloween though.

  4. Irishenchantment, awww, sad! Maybe you can find them online or someone can send them to you? I didn't think we would be getting them so I was very surprised! If you want I can see about sending you the ones you like.


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