Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sally Salon Effects Day 10

 After ten days the Salon Effects were still holding up well. I am sure this would last me a few more days but I just couldn't take it any longer! You can see I added Zom-body To Love on my ring finger the other night just to have something slightly different. 
 I opened the pack of extras I had taped up but they were dry, hard and didn't stick anymore, bummer. I will have to try a different way or sealing them or do a matching mani/pedi at the same time. 
 Overall, I am pleased with these but will probably save them for special occasions like vacation or times when I know I wont have much time to do my nails. I would probably buy them more often if the extras could be saved easier and used later. If you have shorter nails like I do you could possibly get a full mani and pedi out of one box which is what I will likely be doing with the other sets I have. 

 Would you wear these for vacation or would you rather take your own polish or go bare?


  1. I agree with you, I'd probably take them for vacation. I love doing my nails, but when I"m on vacation I'd want to be out having fun! I just like to change my nails too often for these to be practical, everyday things. I did pick up the little ghost one for Halloween to try out, I've never used them before. But I can almost assure you that they will NOT stay on for 10 days.

  2. Thats awesome! Im sure there is a way to save them. BTW Your OPI bottle top has rhinestones on it? Did you make that?

  3. I have worn these on a few vacations now--they're great for that. I like the layering you did for an accent.

    Sorry to hear about your extras drying up! I've had good luck with sliding them into the little bag the file comes in and then taping it up like I own stock in a tape company.

  4. Totally vacation stuff -- like foils I think, something you can just do quickly on the fly and touch up/reapply quickly as needed. I really like those little skull icons though!

  5. Amanda, yes, I was going insane after about six days. I was dying to take them off. Unfortunately I don't vacation enough to wear them much!

    Thanks, Nail Designs! Like KarenD suggested I will have to try her way next time.
    Yes, it does and I did. I adore it so much! It's leopard print and was very easy to do. Basically I just super glued them on!

    No worries, KarenD, next time I will try your way! Like stock in a tape company, I will have to remember that!
    Thanks, I was dying for something new and Zom-Body To Love would still show the print and be slightly different at the same time.

    Jossie, they were great, I just desperately need a change of "scenery"!

    Nail Nerd, definitely vacation stuff! I really want to use the other designs but I don't want to wear them for long or take them off soon after putting them on! The skulls are fantastic though!

  6. Wow, these look perfect! Major bummer that you can't save the extras for later use though :(

  7. They were very easy to use and stayed forever, Liz. KarenD says to wrap them in the plastic the file comes in and seal with tons of tape and they have lasted for her, so I will be trying that next time.


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