Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween/Fall Pumpkins Tutorial

 I had to do pumpkins, they aren't really Halloween so much, more just for fall I guess but I really like them anyways. These are very easy, taking only about twenty minutes for me to do.

 If you would like to see the tutorial for this design keep reading.

 I used It's Alive for the background, it seem perfect for pumpkins but you can use black, blue or anything else. Then I made random basic pumpkin shapes. They are almost like the top of a heart.

 Once you have that add in some highlights with a light orange for the indentations on the pumpkin and add a brown stem at the top.

 Now using the brown from them stem you want to outline a bit of the pumpkin and your first highlights. Then highlight the stem with a lighter brown.

 Lastly, I put some green curly vines around the pumpkins.

 Top coat and you are finished!

 You could add faces to the pumpkins but I love them plain for this design. I love carving pumpkins for Halloween though, anyone else? 


  1. awesome! the highlighting and detailing makes them look so realistic. and that top coat makes the colors come to life! i really want to try this one day but i need to get a brown. the light orange you used to highlight what color is that? lol

  2. That's really pretty! I'll keep this design in mind when I'll finally try It's Alive :D

  3. Thanks, candice! The orange shades are red and yellow acrylic paint mixed together that I picked up locally here. I actually only have red, yellow, green, blue, silver, black and white acrylic and mix those to make the colors I need.

    Thank you, Kayono! Yes, try it out. It is so much prettier in real life!

  4. I LOVE this!! The highlights look awesome. I'm definitely trying this one out :)

  5. This is such a cute design, and I love the background for it!

  6. This looks absolutely awesome! I also like the highlights! :)

  7. Oh my! You are quite an artist! Sugoooooooooooooooooooi!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  8. April, thank you! I think it is one of my favorite Halloween designs yet! Maybe I am bias because it has glitter?


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