Friday, July 8, 2011


 After I took my 4Th of July mani off today, a full week with no chips or tipwear, I decided that my nails needed to be shortened, badly. They were getting too long for my taste. You can see my piercing had grown out pretty far and I wanted to get rid of that. I don't know what I want to put on right now and most likely I will not polish my nails until tomorrow so I figured I would show you my nails naked.
 The first picture is right after removing the polish.  

 Here they are shorter and cleaned up. 

 Usually I don't have problems with staining even with colors like black if I used a basecoat and remove it carefully. 
 Do any of you have problems like staining? 


  1. *lol* I just removed the black polish I was wearing this week... and my nails are SO stained right now. I don't think it was this bad until now. :S What base coat do you use? Maybe I should get yours, if it prevents stained nails ^^;

  2. Try using a paste of baking soda and peroxide and gently scrubing with a soft nail brush and see if that helps you with the staining.

    I used OPI Natural Nail Basecoat, it works great for me so far! I have used it for more than a year. But everyone is different, pick up a few you can easily buy near you and see what might work best.

  3.! Nice nails chica!!!

  4. Loving dark blue polishes I had a lot of problems with staining when I buffed out the ridges in my nails. Since I stopped buffing out the ridges I haven't had any staining (YAY!) except when I used Sinful Colors Unicorn (yellow). Sometimes I will use 2 coats of base coat & let dry overnight) under very dark colors. Your newly trimmed nails look fantastic!

  5. My nails arent super stained which surprises me since I wear polish every day. You have gorgeous nails!

  6. I sometimes use two coats of base coat for some colors that I think will stain as well, DesertNails8. Thanks, I really like them this length!

    Angie, I don't know what it is but it seems like some nails just stain easier than others. If a color stains my nails it is usually the worst on my ring finger. How odd is that? Thanks!

  7. OMG, same here! Thats weird. I just though it was cause I do ring finger accents all the time. Hmm, so weird!

  8. Wow, Angie, that is weird! I wonder why?

  9. I don't really like wearing base coats because I find then my nails will have layer after layer after layer of nail polish on them. I rarely get staining but when I do, such a pain. Will definitely use these comments to help me!
    I'm lactose intolerant (and therefore have to take calcium supplements for my nails) and wear strengthener and give my nails breaks and everything! Yours are amazingly long, teach me! :)

  10. Kat, wearing a base coat and several layers actually helps my nail more than you would think. Having several layers of polish on makes then thicker and stronger than they would be on their own. I wear two coats of base coat if I have a small crack and that keeps it from breaking all the way through until it grows out for the most part. My nails break less when they are polished. Hardly ever unless I get a chip on the corner and do not touch it up or take the polish off. Then the nail will break along the line of the chip.

    I also take prenatal vitamins and biotin supplements and wear gloves when doing any cleaning.


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