Friday, July 29, 2011

Deco Polish Caps

 I couldn't resist, deco really is addictive! My cuticle oil seems like it will last me forever and I love it so why wouldn't I make it shiny? The one thing I would have done different is not cover the rhinestones with top coat. It really killed a lot of the bling.

 When I was out a few days ago I also picked these up. The doughnut was too cute. I am not sure what I will use them on though. Any suggestions?


  1. You can make a phone shell^^
    with bling bling and the doughnut!
    Or camera, on your nails (maybeits too big^^)

    That is sooo cute! <3
    What has it cost? Because in Germany it doesn´t exist things like that ..-.-
    Only ebay...

    hugs <3

  2. Mitsuki90, I could make a phone case but I would need a cell phone for that, lol. I don't use it enough to justify having one.

    They would be too big for my nails. They are about an inch long and probably half an inch thick!

    Thanks, for the pack of four pieces I got was about one US dollar. The rhinestones that are on the polish cap I got from ebay just because they are much cheaper than here.

  3. Too cute!! I should try this!

  4. Oh, cute! The bumpiness would drive me crazy though. Not very creative, but I'd want to make those stickers into magnets. xD

  5. Hehe, the cuticle oil bottle looks awesome! :D This is something I probably wouldn't have thought about when thinking of what to deco. Great!

    The donut parts look very cute, but indead... might be difficult to use those if you don't have a cellphone. I wouldn't bling mine too. I just don't really use it enough to justify the effort. ^^;

    Do you use bento boxes? Maybe you could cutify something like that?

  6. Amber, thanks, you should!

    Thank you, Purplegreenpanda, the bumpiness doesn't bother me. It's really not that bad! Magnets do sound interesting.

    Thanks, Kayono, I love how sparkly it is!

    I do use bento but mine all have Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma or something on them. Ha, not what I really want to cover with deco. Maybe use them on my camera lens cap?


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