Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pink Sponged Tiger/Zebra With Tutorial

 I didn't want to do anything difficult today so I ended up doing my pink and white tiger design from a while back. It is very easy and I thought I would show you how. 
 You can use any color you want but I like the pink and white. Start off with your base color, I used two coats of Alpine Snow. Don't worry about cleaning up yet, that will be the last step before topcoat. 

 When the white is dry sponge pink on the tips. I used a nail art sponge I purchased here but a makeup sponge, clean dish sponge cut into a small piece, the cheap eye shadow sponges you get that you never use or anything you can find like that will work. 
 I put two coats Elephantastic Pink on and lightly sponged towards the cuticle so it would look somewhat splattered. 

 After you get the tips finished start making stripes. I always start my stripes in the middle of my nail for some reason. Anyway you like yours would be perfect though, slanted would be interesting I think. 

 Finish all the nails with stripes and add glitter to a few stripes, clean up around the cuticles, add topcoat and you are done.

 This is one of my favorite designs. Simple, quick and easy.
 Have you tried gradient or animal print nails, do you like them?


  1. That's a really lovely look. I have tried both a gradient and a zebra mani, but never combined the two!

  2. I love gradients! Easy to do, easy to do other nail art with! :)
    Your zebra turned out really nice. Thinking of animal print: I still need to try the Louboutin mani! Nails might be long enough soon, yay.

  3. Thank you, Cel and Kayono!

    This design would be awesome if the same color as the tips was done like the Louboutin mani with the tiger stripes on the underside to match.

  4. Very cool! I wish I could do this kinda nail art, but I think my left hand would turn out awful!

  5. Angie, thanks! I always have trouble painting with my non-dominate hand. It seems like it always wants to twitch and freak out when I do detailed designs. Although, I think for stripes it adds to the look!

  6. That's really pretty, Tera!
    I haven't try animal prints yet...oh my! >_<

  7. Thank you Nailderella and Persnickety Polish!

    Nailderella, you have to try them sometime!

  8. I do gradients pretty regularly and because they are so easy, I never get tired of them. This design is lovely and the glitter adds a lil' something too.

  9. That is why I love gradients, Ash-Lilly. They are so easy! Thanks!

  10. love this, tera!! - Annelise with NoNaked Nails

  11. Thank you, Annelise! It is one of my all time favorite designs.


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