Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Canmake Polish

 Over the weekend we saw the last Harry Potter movie, which was great, and went to the Hanabi Festival in Towada. Since I took off my Deathly Hallows mani I really wanted to try a polish I have had for a few weeks but haven't gotten a chance.
 Today I used a Japanese brand called Canmake. It is a beautiful pink with blue/purple shimmer. I really love the color but I do not like it with my skin tone. It was also sheer, it took three coats but could have used a fourth. 


  1. Towada... memories~ yay~ I hope the festival was great!

    It's a very nice polish, but I guess it's too close to your skin tone maybe?
    Are there Japanese polishes that aren't sheer? I don't know, every single polish I bought there turned out to be quite sheer ^^;

  2. It was a lot of fun, Kayono! I enjoyed the fireworks they dropped in the lake. I had never seen those before. This coming weekend is Tanabata here, so excited to wear my yukata!

    I think it is. There are but they are hard to find sometimes. The majority of colors here are pinks. They just don't do dark colors much. I did see info on Canmake's new collection yesterday and it is supposed to have a dark blue!


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