Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ski trip from Hell

 I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy start to the new year! We went on a ski/snowboard trip on Saturday for the beginning of the new year and unfortunately for me it took a huge toll on my nails so my index and middle fingers are even shorter now. Plus, after we returned I have become a bit sick.
 It was a fun trip once we got the the resort, thought we didn't think we were going to get anywhere. A bad storm came through and all the main roads were shut down but we didn't know at the time, we hadn't gotten any snow just a bit of rain. Once we were forced to get off the main road we thought maybe just that part hadn't been cleared yet and tried taking the back roads around to bypass that part and get back the highway. We never made it there. What should have been less than a two hour drive turned into six hours and there was no way we would have ever made it to the resort we planned so we stopped at one near where we were already at.
 I really hoped to make it to the other resort but there was no way it was going to happen. Just to get to the one we finally stopped at we had to cut down trees in the road, push cars out of two feet of snow, shovel snow to turn cars around as there was only one lane drivable until finally a road crew came with chainsaws and tractor plows to remove the last few trees that we couldn't get. I am sure if they had not show up we would have been stuck there so many thanks to them!
 Just to give you guys an idea of what it was like here are a few pictures. There were three cars with us, one being a huge tall van that we had to cut the limbs off of this tree so it would fit under.

 I didn't get pictures of all the trees that were lying down on the road because after this one it went downhill fast and stopped being a fun adventure and we were just hoping we could make it home at that point.

 At the mountain at last. They at least had great powder so after a total of nine hours travel time we stayed at the mountain about three hours.

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