Saturday, January 8, 2011

Removing Glitter: The foil Method

 Love glitter polish but hate the removal? What if you could wear glitter and remove it in less than 20 minutes with no scrubbing, scraping or frustration. There is a way, it is the foil method.
 It surprises me that not many people know about this. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE glitter or anything that sparkles or shines so its no secret that I am a sucker for glitter. It never fails though anytime I wear it someone asks "well don't you hate taking it off?" and the answer is no, it is really easy.
 There is something that you will need though and it is 100% acetone. Not nail polish remover with acetone, they are not the same! You should also have small strips of foil, they don't have to be huge just enough to cover and wrap around the tip of your nail and cotton balls, toilet paper or something to soak in acetone to put in the nail.
 First I like to have everything near me and ready to go, I prefer toilet paper over cotton balls, your acetone, strips of foil and you need your awesome glitter covered nails. I also like to start a tv show, movie or have a book handy while I do this.

 I do this with my hand resting on something flat. Start by laying your strip of foil down with you finger in the center.

 Now take you cotton balls or whatever you choose soaked in acetone and place on top of you nail.

 Tightly start wrapping the foil around you finger. The easiest way for me is to start wrapping both pinkys then ring fingers and so until I get to my thumbs but you can do them in any order you like.

 I wrap on the side closest to me first, then the opposite side, try to keep the foil tight and the acetone as close to the nail as possible. 

 Then all I do is flip the remaining edge up over the top of my nail like this.

 Right about now people that you live with will look at you like you are trying to contact the mother ship but it's ok, trust me.

 Once you have waited about five minutes it is time to check if you are ready. Apply light pressure to the top of the first nail you covered, miking sure to begin by the cuticle. I usually start by rubbing the foil side to side on my nail as I pull the foil off.

 Presto, glitter gone! Well most of it. I usually have a little bit around the edge from not being able to get down between my nail and skin when taking the foil off, but at this point it just wipes off. If much glitter is still on you nail when you remove the foil I suggest leaving it on for one to two more minutes. Super easy glitter removal. If you haven't tried this and love glitter polish I suggest you try it at least once.
 The last step is to wash you hands well and apply a good hand lotion or cream. As a word of warning acetone is very drying to the hands and nails and can make your nails more brittle and prone to breaking, please moisturize your hands after!

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