Wednesday, October 3, 2012

China Glaze Glitter Goblin

 Hey guys! I had meant to post this yesterday along with Immortal since I layered it over that but I didn't get the chance to edit through all the photos and I couldn't wait to post Immortal so it had to wait until today.
 Glitter Goblin, a clear base with orange, silver and holographic glitter, was the only polish I had planned on getting from the Wicked collection. Even though Immortal was a surprise favorite of mine, Glitter Goblin is a close second! Picture is one coat of Glitter Goblin over Immortal with top coat.


  1. I never liked Glitter Goblin before but layered it's pretty interesting!

  2. That's such a cool combination! It gives Glitter Goblin a new life ^_^

  3. What color is that under Glitter Goblin?


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