Friday, October 26, 2012

Candy Corn Half Moon with Bats, Stones and Tutorial

 Hey guys, I have a quick and easy Halloween design with a tutorial for you today! I haven't had as much time this year to do many designs for Halloween as I would like but I am trying to get one or two more done before it is over.
 The design for today is a yellow and orange half moon with simple bats and stones.

 If you would like to see the tutorial keep reading. 

 I started with a base of white polish followed by L'Oreal Tweet Me then OPI A Roll In The Hague to finish the half moon design. 

 With black acrylic paint make a small dot.

 Then add two small triangles to make ears for the bat head.

 Add two large triangles on each side of the head for the wings and with yellow acrylic paint make two tiny dots on the bats head for eyes.

 Lastly, top coat and add light purple stones across the half moon line and a few orange and yellow stones here and there and you're done.


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