Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Pink Plaid

 Hey guys, a quick post today! I've had this pink with silver shimmer Japanese nail polish I picked up at the dollar store back before we left Japan and have never tried it and couldn't get plaid out of my mind so that's what I did. While I'm not sure, I had to look it up online because the label is all Japanese, I think the name is Art Collection Salon Nails in Office Pink. It did have a website on the bottle in English that you can check out here if you like. Picture is three coats of the pink polish and the rest is acrylic paint.


  1. This is lovely. Great way to rock a pink mani for Breast Cancer Awarness when at the same time, there is a lot going on with fall clothing inspiration. It's still warmish where I am - low to mid 60's in the daytime and I only this week started to even pull on long pants - but still in shorter, light weight tops. So until this week I have not felt like wearing fall color manis. Now with BCA mo and being a 2 X BC survior, I am all about wearing pink and supporting all the BC awarness projects that occur yr long now - but so many of them still come in Oct. I have tired doing short strokes (kind of quilting effect) with diagnoal lines. I need to learn to have a more steady hand to pull off these great thin longer lines you have.


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