Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard, A Little Argyle Art And Our Puppy

 Hey guys! It has been a busy past few days for us training our new dog. She really didn't know how to play or what toys were for other than bones to chew on. We've taught her how to play fetch so far but she gets bored easily and just wants to be loved on.
 Just Spotted The Lizard is back from the Spider-man collection for summer. It's a gold with a touch of green and a green/blue duochrome. This is said be be an exact match for Chanel Peridot along with several other brands of polish like this. While I don't have Peridot to compare, they do look alike from the picture I have seen. Picture is two coats with top coat, formula was great but it does show some brushstrokes.

 I was trying out some argyle with glitter but in the process of taking pictures I hit both my index and middle finger, severely denting the polish, so I left those two out.

 And, as a bonus, here is our Malamute, Sasha. 


  1. Beautiful dog! I have yet to wear Just Spotted the Lizard. :/ I have so many untrieds!

  2. OMG I love the argyle design, It reminds me of the knee highs I wore with my school uniform

  3. The argyle looks amazing! This would be a gorgeous Christmas design! :)

  4. the design you did is really pretty and what a cute dog!

  5. gorgeous manicure, beautiful pup!! :)

  6. Out of all the Peridot dupes - this is the one that works best for me..I like it and I don't like most of 'em. I was not a fan of Peridot to begin with as it had too much gold that came to the top of it in a lot of angles of the hand. Spotted blends the gold down some so it never looks like a golden holiday ornament. Also the formula on mine is really good. Sasha is so sweet looking.


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